• Curtain Wall Application

    High density insulation designed for fire containment systems. Used to curtail the passage of fire/smoke at the exterior wall from passing floor to floor.

  • Grease Duct Wrap

    This refractory ceramic fiber blanket is completely encapsulated with aluminum-foil scrim and is used as a fireproof, flexible enclosure for kitchen exhaust ducts and fire-rated air duct work. Can also be used in lieu of drywall at rated enclosures where the use of drywall is not applicable.

  • Fire Stop and Smoke Sealants

    Applied using spray equipment or caulking guns. Application can be a single component, water based or acrylic sealant. Materials usually remain flexible after it dries.

  • Metal Building Insulation

    Insulating a metal building will greatly reduce the temperature within the structure and help reduce the level of noise generated.

  • Acoustical Panels

    Custom made panels are sound absorbing panels that mount directly to walls or ceilings. Designed to increase intelligibility by reducing reverberation and echoes. Typical Uses: - Conference Rooms - Studios - Sound Rooms - Auditoriums - Theaters

  • Acoustical Ceiling Systems

    Acoustical and Specialty Ceiling Systems for any aesthetic application.

  • Rigid Board Insulation

    Rigid Board is commonly made from fiberglass, polystyrene or polyurethane and comes in a variety of thicknesses with a high insulating value.

  • Intumescent Paint

    Retards flame and heat penetrations. Creates a one to three hour rating depending on thickness.

  • Insulation Removal

    Insulation can be quickly and efficiently removed from attics, sidewalls and crawl space with the high powered vacuum equipment.

  • Sound Control Blankets

    This application effectively reduces undesirable noise. These are custom fitted treatments designed to absorb sound reflections. Suggested Uses: - Temporary Sound Barriers - Construction Noise Abatement - Freeway Noise Abatement

  • Wall & Ceiling Injection

    Because it is spray applied, the material can be installed in any open attic or wall cavity and is well suited for new construction as well as remodeling.

  • Batt Insulation

    Used to reduce heat transfer by conduction, radiation, or convection. Also an excellent source of noise reduction for sound walls.

  • Spray-On Fire Proofing

    New construction and re-spray application.

  • Spray-On K-13 Acoustical Thermal Insulation

    The appealing textures and colors of K-13 provide renovation projects with attractive exposed ceilings.

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