Fire Proofing

Alert Insulation is the trusted fireproofing installer in the major Southern California area.  Alert Insulation has done fireproofing for the Tom Bradley Terminal at LAX and the Harry Potter Project at Universal Studios.  With superior customer service and talented professionals, Alert Insulation is the best choice for your fireproofing needs.


Fireproofing is a very important step to increasing the safety of your commercial buildings through the prevention or delay of the failing structural integrity of steel and concrete structures when exposed to a fire.


We offer the following fireproofing services and more!

Curtain Wall Application

High density insulation designed for fire containment systems.  Used to curtail the passage of fire/smoke at the exterior wall from passing floor to floor.

Grease Duct Wrap

This refractory ceramic fiber blanket is completely encapsulated with aluminum-foil scrim and is used as a fireproof, flexible enclosure for kitchen exhaust ducts and fire-rated air duct work.  Can also be used in lieu of drywall at rated enclosures where the use of drywall is not applicable.

Fire Stop and Smoke Sealants

Applied using spray equipment or caulking guns.  Application can be a single component, water based or acrylic sealant.  Materials usually remain flexible after it dries.

Spray-On Fire Proofing

New construction and re-spray application.

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